If you are interested in joining the Riot Gaming staff team, please contact us @RiotGaming

  • Catt

    I'm one of the Riot Owners and  I've been an avid gamer for most of my life, I started off in a popular all girl community who even appeared on Call of Duty Elite TV Friday Night Fights along side iJustine, Fwiz and Hastr0. Whilst there I put together Call of Duty Competitive teams. I began to focus my attention on RiOT EU as I saw a great potential and became their Team Manager. Sadly after two years I felt that it was time to branch out with the other three owners of Riot and the competitive team and try to create something that we could call our own. Since day one it has been a success and we continue to grow as an organisation and family....Read More

  • KimmieRiot

    Kimberley Fogg

    My name is Kim and I am one of the owners at Riot Gaming. I am also the captain of the elite EU Female Call Of Duty team. ...Read More

  • Serenitxy


    Im Serenitxy one of the owners of Riot Gaming & Community Manager of RiotEU. I'm an avid gamer and have played for more years than I would like to admit, dedicating around 30-40 hours a week to gaming on a multitude of games. I had been a part of a huge all female community for 3 years along with Catt before forming Riot Gaming with Kimmieriot and Angel. When I'm not gaming I am mother to 2 girls and a loving wife, along side that I run my own business (I know, I know, where do I find the time?) Well that is me in a nutshell....Read More

  • Angel


    Hi, i'm Aklimah but you may know me as Click and/or Angel :) I am one of the 4 founders of the Riot Org as well as a proud member of the all female Riot team...Read More

  • Lisa

    Lisa Marie

    I am the Business Development Manager for Riot Gaming. I help seek out the best players, streamers and sponsors to join the always growing #RiotFam....Read More


    Morgan Ashurst

    I am the Digital Content Manager for Riot Gaming, I predominantly work on the website articles and make sure the #RiotFam are up to date on what we are up to and most importantly how our teams are getting on. ...Read More

  • dreamcrazzy

    Ellen Elizabeth

    Hello! My name is Ellen "dreamcrazzy or dreamy" and I'm a competitive COD player and one of the Riot Gaming Owners. I've been playing videos games since the age of 3 however started playing competitive at the age of 19. COD4 was my first competitive game playing "Gamebattles" matches which led me into MLG Events and traveling all over the world. ...Read More