Riot Girls NA

Riot Girls NA

Our North American Female Team Season 1 and Season 2 winners of The Female Pro League:

Jenna 'Lethal Lady' Lazaroff @xLethalLadyx

Ellen 'dreamcrazzy' Elizabeth @dreamcrazzy

Gabby 'Wulfuhnite' Lerma @Wulfuhnite

Selena 'Selly' Martinez @FPSSelly


  • dreamcrazzy

    Ellen Elizabeth

    Hello! My name is Ellen "dreamcrazzy or dreamy" and I'm a competitive COD player and one of the Riot Gaming Owners. I've been playing videos games since the age of 3 however started playing competitive at the age of 19. COD4 was my first competitive game playing "Gamebattles" matches which led me into MLG Events and traveling all over the world. ...Read More

  • Selly

    Selena Martinez

    I have been playing Call of Duty competitively since AW. Before I played competitively, I would only play CoD whenever I could rent the latest game at BlockBuster. I currently drive for Uber so that my schedule is as flexible as possible to further pursue my passion for eSports and CoD. Whenever I'm not playing CoD, I like playing other FPS games such as Halo or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. If I'm not playing video games, I'm usually fishing, playing my guitar, writing, or watching movies. My dream is to become a professional Call of Duty player and entertainer. I love making people laugh and I want to prove that you can make it in this community without putting people down....Read More

  • xlethalladyx

    Jenna Lazaroff

    Starting in CoD 4 at 8 years old, I've been playing Call of Duty since i first learned my ABC's. Ghost was my first ever competitive Call of Duty and it set off from there. Close to my last year in High School, I also balance work at a Pizzeria. Usually if i'm not playing Call of Duty, i'll be playing Rocket League, Smite, Skyrim or Overwatch. Some other hobbies I have are playing my Violin, listening to music, going on adventures, and swimming. Since i was around 10 years old, it has been my biggest dream/goal to be a Professional Call of Duty player and streamer to the point where i won't have to introduce myself anymore and i'll do anything to make it happen. My biggest aspiration is always spreading chill and positive vibes through people especially when they most need it....Read More

  • wulfuhnite

    Gabriella Lerma

    Hi, my name is Gabriella Lerma, a.ka. “Wulfuhnite” and I am 20 year old Female Pro League CoD player for Riot Gaming. I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember and CoD has been a very prominent part of my life for many years now. I’ve been playing competitively probably since Modern Warfare 2 and I’ve been competing at local LANs since Black Ops 1, so competing has been a big part of my life for quite a few years now. Video games have helped make a lot of friends and people I would consider family in my life and I actually met my significant other at a local Modern Warfare 3 tournament 6 years ago and we’ve been together for 4 years and have competed together locally and support each other to the fullest. Though video games have been my main focus it’s not the only thing I do, I actually casually train dogs and compete in dog agility competitions with them which is, put into basics, running a series of obstacles in a numbered order with a set time limit. I also play in a softball league every couple seasons just to stay active, so I’m not just some fat bitch that sits and plays video games all day. But video games have been something I’ll always be passionate about and to be on a team in the Female Pro League that has won two seasons in a row has definitely been an amazing experience and Riot Gaming and my girls on the Riot N.A. have been nothing but family to me and I couldn’t ask for a better team or organization....Read More