Riot Girls EU

Riot Girls EU

The Riot girls team have always had a goal in mind to be the most prestigious and best ALL female team in the whole of Europe.

We are very proud and happy to say they have achieved this.

The girls individually have been gaming for over 40 years combined and have all had competitive experience of over 12 years combined.

The team has been around for almost 4 years with only ever a couple of roster changes to make it the squad it is today.

They are the most accomplished online female team in the whole of Europe within Call of Duty at the moment, outplaying and outplacing all of the female competition in anything they do.

They have performed in numerous show matches, their most victorious being the ‘SharQ Controllers’ first ever show match, where they played another professional eSports team at the GFINITY Arena in front of a large audience and showed their dominance.

One of our most notable wins was emerging 1st in the ‘All Female Spring Cup 2014, which was their first time participating in this tournament, knocking the team who had won this event 6 times in a row off its throne, which gained them a lot of attention. 

The girls then went on to win SchoolyyNations Spring Invitational bring home 1st prize 

Then in the summer they won Schooly's Summer Invitational taking home 1.2k making them THE highest earning female team WORLDWIDE!

The girls are very professional in what they do and always play and commit themselves 100%



  • KimmieRiot

    Kimberley Fogg

    My name is Kim and I am one of the owners at Riot Gaming. I am also the captain of the elite EU Female Call Of Duty team. ...Read More

  • Angel


    Hi, i'm Aklimah but you may know me as Click and/or Angel :) I am one of the 4 founders of the Riot Org as well as a proud member of the all female Riot team...Read More

  • Kazii


    I’ve been playing COD since Black Ops 2 and got into competitive when I joined Riot on Advanced Warfare. I mostly play AR role and play for spawns, cuts or fill in the gaps where my team needs me. If you see me with a submachine gun, I’ve either lost full or I’m pretty good with it on that map. Our team has played in various online and lan tournaments. Outside of gaming I’m finishing up my last year studying Digital Art & Design at university....Read More

  • PiinK

    Abi Stuart

    My name is Abigail, I am a Player and Designer for RiotGaming. I love gaming and pizza! ...Read More