Jenna xlethalladyx Lazaroff

Starting in CoD 4 at 8 years old, I've been playing Call of Duty since i first learned my ABC's. Ghost was my first ever competitive Call of Duty and it set off from there. Close to my last year in High School, I also balance work at a Pizzeria. Usually if i'm not playing Call of Duty, i'll be playing Rocket League, Smite, Skyrim or Overwatch. Some other hobbies I have are playing my Violin, listening to music, going on adventures, and swimming. Since i was around 10 years old, it has been my biggest dream/goal to be a Professional Call of Duty player and streamer to the point where i won't have to introduce myself anymore and i'll do anything to make it happen. My biggest aspiration is always spreading chill and positive vibes through people especially when they most need it.

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