The results are in!

Thu 8th Jun 2017 - 9:06pm General Gaming Esports LAN


The results are in!

In spirit of the UK General Election, we took to twitter to help us decide which member of Riot was next to feature in our Player profile series.

The #RiotElection took place over the course of three days giving everyone the opportunity to vote. Our finalised top three were:




The people have spoken and elected @Julie_CSGO as our first #RiotElection winner. We spoke to Julie about her win:

"I am the king so it's normal to have the crown!

Winning the Riot Election is a great feeling. Even though i'm fairly new to the organisation, I already feel like part of the family. I want to thank my followers, I haven't got many of them but they have my back. 

I want to take a new approach to the Player Profile video and literally show you what I get up to outside of gaming and the damage I can do in game with some clips. I'm excited to see what I can put together for you all!" 

You can expect to see Julie's Player Profile video in the next few weeks, we're excited for you to find out more about our newest CS:GO team. 

If you didn't take part in the #RiotElection, don't worry there's always next time! We will be hosting twitter polls every four weeks as we need help deciding out of the many talents of Riot Gaming. 

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