Riot Kaiyte - Player Profile #3

Wed 31st May 2017 - 11:03am General Gaming Esports LAN


For those who don't know, Riot is not only a competitive gaming organisation but a home for some of the best Call of Duty snipers in Europe. To kick off the next episode of our Player Profile series is Riot Kaiyte who has been with us for several years now as both a content creator and the sniping team. 

To find out a little more about Kaiyte, take a look at her player profile here: 

If you are not already following Kaiyte on twitter, make sure you drop her a follow here. If you enjoyed this video, she also has her very own YouTube channel

If there is a member of the #RiotFam you want to see in our next Player Profile then make sure your following us on Twitter @RiotGaming as we'll shortly be releasing a poll to give you the chance to vote on who features in episode 4! 



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