Riot Angel - Player Profile #2

Fri 12th May 2017 - 7:30pm General Gaming Esports LAN


For the next player profile, we let the public decide who they’d like to see. @CattVII won the vote, but unfortunately we've had to postpone this episode. So, we went for the person with the second most votes which is Riot EU’s @RiotAngeI.

Angel is most well known for being one of four owners of Riot Gaming, as well as being a Riot EU original member alongside @KimmieRiot.

She has recently come into the spotlight with streaming, from horror games such as Until Dawn to Call of Duty. If you haven't yet tuned in then make sure you are following Angel on twitter as well as her twitch channel: 

Take a look at her player profile here:




If you want to see more player profiles, then let us know @RiotGaming!









Morgan Ashurst

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