#WednesdayWisdom from Lethal Lady

Wed 3rd May 2017 - 12:58pm General Gaming Esports LAN


The Female Pro League qualifiers took place just over a month ago, where both our Riot NA & Riot EU COD teams took part in. 

The Riot NA team proved their dominance taking 2nd place by the end of the tournament, which some could argue wouldn't of been possible without the wise words from team member @xLethalLadyx.

We all know that momentum is a big factor when it comes to those crucial games on any eSports title. If you're team are hyped, it's suprising what impact that has on your individual performance, as well as your team mates! 

Jenna (aka. Lethal Lady) brought hype to the table throughout the qualifiers, which many found to be entertaining. Her team mate, @FPSSelly, compiled all of these moments into a hypetage, which we couldn't be more thankful for! 

If you haven't seen this already, take a look at the video below. 

Beware of your headset volume!

We would love to see more hilarious content from Jenna. If you enjoyed the video make sure you drop a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We want to see a sequel, do you? Get in touch with us @RiotGaming



Morgan Ashurst

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