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Sun 30th Apr 2017 - 1:36pm General Gaming Esports LAN


The boys are back in town! We've acquired one of the top teams in Europe who will be attending the Gears of War Pro circuit in a few weeks' time. With the ladies asserting their dominance in the Female Pro League, we can only expect a fantastic performance from the boys! 

We spoke with Danny 'Vicious' Kruza, to learn a little bit more about him and the team's expectations going into Paris:

"I have been playing video games for around 18 years, eight of which I have played competitively. I have attended six events, with my top placements being 3rd and 1st. I have competed on other titles like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 1, to mediocre success, but my go to has always been Gears of War. I find myself coming back to it as I have so much love for the game. 

My expectations for Paris would be within the top 10, there is an unreal amount of talent in attendance. With that being said, top 5 isn't impossible so we're just going to give it our all on the day and hope for the best possible outcome!

I consider our team to be top 3 in Europe, and very soon to dominance the scene as our team are proving to be very strong already!" 


You can check out Vicious' Gears of War 4 Montage here:


Make sure you drop the Gears team a follow, and help the #RiotFam cheer them on at Paris! 








Morgan Ashurst

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