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Thu 20th Apr 2017 - 12:44pm General Gaming Esports LAN



With the most recent launch of the SCUF Impact, we want to show you 13 Reasons Why this should be in your shopping basket! 






Most gamers who use SCUF Controllers only have two paddles, whereas the new product has FOUR! These can be removed as and when you want and have been repositioned with a little grip and grooves to provide the most comfortable gaming experience. 



Remember 'back in the day' when you had to specify what buttons you wanted your controller paddles to be? Those days are over, you can now do this yourself using the SCUF EMR Mag Key! So, if you don't take a liking to the standard formatting, you can have a play around and adjust to your preference. 




Your mind can be at ease, your controller will not disconnect during those crucial moments with the new Cable Retention System. The SCUF USB cable is secure and tight fit, and improves the life of the USB Connection. 




Not only can you pick the Thumbstick colour, you can switch between 5 different styles. Whether it's short domed or concaved, you can choose whatever feels right! 





One of the biggest issues with controllers is 'slow turn'. With the Impact Ring they securely lock the thumbsticks in place not only so they don't fall out and get lost, but to ensure that they glide seamlessly for intense gameplay. 


If you're massively into shooting games, the Quick Shift Trigger Stops reduce unnecessary trigger movement, keeping your position unknown to the enemy team!


You can activate the hair triggers by using the SCUF key, you can now fire your weapon by just a one tap process. 



If you have larger hands, SCUF offer extenders for the triggers to improve both accuracy and hand comfort. 



The grip has been upgraded to provide a non-slip surface, this tends to be a problem for long gaming sessions as there's only so much you can do to prevent sweaty hands! 

If you don't think the grip will be enough to prevent this problem, SCUF also sell 'Gamer Grip' which is an alternative.


For the past few years SCUF have always been known to only provide controllers for both Xbox and Playstation, now they've ventured to PC.



SCUF have always had some fantastic designs on offer, if you have a favourite colour or want to represent your favourite Pro Player/Team, you can! Each controller is hand made and perfected before being sent out to you! 




The SCUF Impact cost starts at roughly £109, prices vary dependent on what you select within the SCUF Impact Builder. The more additional things you want added, the more it will cost. Considering this is an improvement to their previous models, the price different is no way significant! 






Morgan Ashurst

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