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Wed 15th Mar 2017 - 10:31am General Gaming Esports LAN


On March 24th the Female Pro League qualifiers for Halo kick starts into first gear for our Riot Halo team. This will be the first league hosted by the Female Pro League for Halo, so we're super excited to be watching and supporting our ladies next weekend! 

Now that there's only a week left to practice, we interviewed team captain, @MLGQueen about her thoughts and confidence going into the tournament: 

How are you feeling going into the qualifiers? Have you put a lot of practice in?

"We're feeling very confident going into the qualifiers this month. Our team have been practicing whenever we can and playing both male and female teams in the competitive scene. We've only played around 2 or 3 different FPL teams and have shown real dominance as we haven't lost a series yet! 

While this was a great confidence boost, we aren't going to underestimate any team! There are many talented players taking part in the FPL and we want to be as prepared as possible for whatever suprises we may face." 

Do you feel that there are more pressures than normal due to your teams high reputation within the Halo community?

"We aren't competing to gain the approval of others. Our greatest critics are ourselves because we're all incredibly competitive. At the end of the day, we are driven by our own motivations and we hold ourselves to much higher expectations." 

What makes your team work so well?

"We all understand what it takes to win. We're all individually, skilled players. We understand the importance of communication, small talk and decision making. We're also great friends, which means that we're not afraid to give constructive criticism to each other. We all have a great time competing, so it feels less like practice and more like playing with friends." 

Do you stream any of your scrims/post content elsewhere?

"Most of our scrims are streamed on my channel:

On occasion the others broadcast our games, so make sure you follow all of us on twitch! 

Divine Damsel:

Dreamyy Dreamm:

Monza: "


We're really excited to see the girls perform in the qualifiers next week and we're hoping to see the #RiotFam in the stream chats cheering them on with us! If you want to keep up to date with all games over the qualifier weekend (24th - 25th March) then be sure to follow @RiotGaming & FemaleProLeague for updates on each game. 

If you aren't already following the ladies, what are you waiting for?! Take a look at the links below and show you're support: 







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