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Gamma Labs was founded in 2008 by a pro-gamer looking for something that could increase focus and awareness to make him the best at his game, this is what is now known as GFUEL. They are a well-recognised brand throughout the gaming industry and are starting to branch into different fields like the MMA, BMX and Extreme sports and many more!

GFUEL have a great variety of merchandise and branded shaker cups to compliment the whopping 17 different flavours they have available to purchase today!

Take a look at what's on offer today:



Our Personal Favourites

We spoke to the ladies over at Riot EU and Team Manager CattVII to find out what their favourite flavours are:

KimmieRiot - " I like the Lemon Lime because it makes my face go like *insert derp face* and it gets me HYPED WOO! It was the first one I ever tried and it's great as it's next to zero calories, tastes amazing and keeps my head in the game!"


RiotKazii - "I don't know what my favourite flavour is between Grape and Watermelon, but they taste so fresh and are a great wake-me-up no matter what time of day it is!"

RiotAngel - "Out of the few GFUEL flavours I've tried, Green Apple is my favourite. GFUEL not only tastes amazing but it provides a clean and fast energy boost. I use it whilst gaming, at the gym and just as an everyday drink"

Image result for green apple gfuel

oEmilyx - "My favourite GFUEL flavour is Watermelon as it's very light and refreshing. It's always my number one go to flavour when I need an energy boost whilst gaming"

CattVII - "GFUEL being the great comapny that it is sends us flavours all the time, luckily enough I've tried all of the GFUEL flavours and it's super hard for me to pin point my exact favourite, so I have put together a top 5.

1. Fruit Punch

2. Blood Orange

3. Grape

4. LemoNADE

5. Kiwi Strawberry




If you're interested in purchasing some GFUEL head over to their website today and remember to use code RIOT when checking out to receive 10% discount on your purchase. 

If you checkout with our discount code don't forget to tweet us so we can show our appreciation! 






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