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Thu 26th Nov 2015 - 6:56pm General Gaming Esports LAN

Riot gaming’s CSGO team have made a massive roster overhaul, adding Alan “Napje” O’Neill and Eryk “Craity” Slezak in place of David “Dazd” Doran and Neil “Patton” Doherty.

The removal of Dazd and Patton has come as a shock to the community based on their stellar G-Series 6 performance, dropping only a single map to Nightmare Express — a mix filled with top UK players.

Dazd has been a member of RiOT since the formation of the team, while Patton was added just under two months before G-Series 6. Despite the duo giving good showings at G-Series 6, the roster changes were made due to a number of role issues, according to sources close to the team.

The first new addition, Craity, is quite unknown to the scene; however he is expected to be a major talent with a number of ESL aim cup titles under his belt, as well placing 1st @IEM Katowice 2015 – Steelseries Deathmatch.

The other new addition, Napje, is one of the most well known talents in Irish Counterstrike. Napje is a CS 1.6 veteran, and was seen as the star player of Solidach, the team who won G-Series 5 with ease.

Dave “DaveL” Lee —a player for RiOT gaming — feels that “Napje’s overall knowledge of the game, along with being an overall great player” combined with Craity’s “monster aim”, will make amazing additions to their team.

RiOT Gaming now have:

Cathal “Tummon” Tummon
Ross “eLe” Rooney
Dave “DaveL” Lee
Alan “Napje” O’Neill”
Eryk “Craity” Slezak
Dave “Staples” Stapleton (Coach)
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