Riot Speny Pre-I62 Interview!

Wed 28th Mar 2018 - 5:23pm General Gaming Esports LAN

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We’re getting to that time of year where we find ourselves at the ever so familiar NEC Arena in Birmingham. This time we’re heading over with our Riot Call of Duty team in hopes to see them succeed and prove people wrong. We caught up with @RiotSpeny to get his thoughts and feelings on the build up to I62:

Q1: How did you guys form as a team?

We initially formed as a team for one of the 2K's back in January. We played decent and decided to stick together. Us sticking together proved out to be beneficial as we managed to scoop up 200 points from the next 2 2K's after that.

Q2: How have you been performing online on the build up to I62?

 Playing online has always been a bit iffy for us. It has been slightly worse practice wise with having 2 of us from Spain and us only practicing teams from the UK. This is a problem as our two Spanish team mates have really had a rough time playing on the UK connection and it’s just been awful for them. Unfortunately, with us playing against full UK teams they don’t like switching the host in order to balance it out during practice. We have showed strength as a team by powering through the connection issues not just with the Spaniards but with poor connection between myself and Emi so hopefully the time put in and the event being offline we see some results pay off.

Q3: Are you feeling confident going into the event despite your ups and downs online?

Personally, I am very confident. I mean, you have to be confident in order to beat your opponents. You can't go into any match with a mind-set that 'they are better than you' as you'll start to play differently. I really do believe our team will play a lot better on LAN compared to online all of the issues we have had will disappear with this event being offline. This means that we’ll finally be on a fair playing field and will be able to see how we stack up against other teams.

Q4: What is your goal as a team in terms of placement?

Placement wise, I want us to achieve very minimum, top 64. Considering how stacked this event is with NA teams flying over as well as most of the top AM teams from EU attending, it will be a hard task, but we are up for the challenge and will take every match, one at a time. I think our team aren't in the spotlight as much as other teams like Radix for example. Some people have mentioned us on Twitter here and there but none of it is positive so most teams will be overlooking us. Personally, I prefer being in this position as we have a lot less pressure on us so hopefully we can take people by surprise!

Q5: Why does your team work so well?

I feel like our team work together so well as we have that clutch factor when we need it. It seems like against the better teams, we play more confident and our teamwork just seems to improve. I feel like myself or Brian bring that leadership role in game and help guide us to win each map. Em and Pollo, our main 2 SMGs, work well together on Hardpoint and especially CTF. Chemistry between us has definitely improved over time. I've been teaming with Em since November time so we are pretty confident about each other's plays. Brian and Pollo have known each other for years so their chemistry is fantastic.


Go drop our CWL Team a follow on Twitter:

We can't wait to see what the team are capable of going into #I62! 



Morgan Ashurst

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