Are you ready for CODWWII?

Wed 1st Nov 2017 - 4:44pm General Gaming Esports LAN




We’re all ready and waiting for the new Call of Duty to be released later this week, but are you as prepared as you can be? We have put together our top three essentials moving into the new title. You can use it as a check list, so you and your friends can maximise your gaming experience with a help from a few of our sponsors.



  1. Iiyama Monitor

We all know that on all FPS games time can be your enemy. You can be 5-5 on a game of Search and Destroy and the whole game can be turned around within a matter of seconds. So, have you ever thought about taking two steps forward by getting a monitor with quicker response time and in turn enhancing your overall gameplay?

KimmieRiot has put together a video on not just the response time of her iiyama monitors, but all the benefits to you as a player:

So why not make the switch today? Head over to iiyama’s website to check out their range of products here.



  1. GFUEL Energy

No one has to be ashamed of taking time off to start the #CODWWII grind, something to be ashamed of is spending all of the next day sleeping as you played throughout the night. What you need is a little bit of energy to keep you going*, with some GFUEL Energy.


Not only will you be more awake and alert, your taste-buds will be blessed with the wide variety of flavours available. Our personal favourite is Fazeberry, let us know yours on twitter. What are you waiting for? Use code Riot on checkout to receive a discount on your purchases.




  1. SCUF Gaming Controller

Did you know that over 90% of professional gamers use SCUF controllers? For those who don’t know anything about this fantastic company, they provide an alternative product from the standard Playstation and Xbox controllers to shorten your response time to press the buttons on the controller and to have the ability to press several buttons at once without going into ‘CLAW’ mode and potentially causing strains to your hand.  Take this quote for example:


“When I’m in a gunfight I don’t have to take my thumb off the aimer (thumbstick) at any time, it’s going to help me win more gunfights and get better positioning on the other team”. – Matt “Nadeshot” Haag


Join the rest of the community by finding the right SCUF Gaming controller for you here. Remember to use code Riot at checkout for customer savings!


If you want to keep up to date with all of the above’s latest product releases make sure you’re following them on Twitter!


GFUEL Energy

SCUF Gaming



Morgan Ashurst

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