[Event] AM2PRO

Wed 8th Jul 2015 - 2:23pm Esports

Am2Pro is finally over; And what a weekend it was.

First off we aka Catt needs to apologise because we didn't bring a quality camera to the event a lot of us relied on the camera on our phones... oops

Walking into the event hall with two Riot teams was a proud moment unfortunately some of the boys and girls teams games were on at the same time BUT this was ok because we had so much support at the venue that no team felt left out.


The 1st game was off and Riot Gaming's Meemo,Sean,Keen and Kennul had their 1st series win under their belts after beating Enradged.Black 2-0

After running across the event hall we caught the start of the girls Kimmie, Kazii, Angel and Morgz's game.

A small crowd started to gather around them as they played against Bulldog.Red. The girls took the HP and you could hear the whispers of shocked spectators that a GOOD girls team just took a map off of a decent team.

Uplink came next! This was the most exciting and nerve wrecking game to watch the 1st half was over quickly and the girls were losing 3-9.  Into the 2nd half and the small crowd behind erupted as the girls caught up.

With only 5 seconds to go and the match being tied at 11-11 Bulldog.Red threw in a lucky ball and won the uplink 12-11.

The weekend was full of great moments. The boys team took a map off of French Pro team Millennium which won the respect off of a lot of people.

After all games had been played a roster change was made Meemo and Sean decided to release Keen and Kennul and are now LF2.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jordan aka Smithy! He coached the boys and took them under his wing guiding them through their first event as a team.

We also want to say thank you to everyone at the event who supported us it was awesome seeing people walking around in Riot Apparel.

And to everyone at home we love you and thank you for cheering us on.





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